Recipe to end multi-monitor hell on Ubuntu

Today i’ve spent a couple of hours trying to fix my multi-monitor configuration on ubuntu. Note that I use a Radeon HD5830 with two monitors, and an extended desktop.
When you use the Monitors Tool, configure the monitors and then restart X, the X server seems to crash. The same happens if you use Catalyst Control Center.
My recipe to fix this behavior is the following:

  1. Connect both monitors
  2. Go to Catalyst Control Center and configure them properly (needs administrative privileges)
  3. Apply your settings
  4. Disconnect Monitor 2
  5. Log out and wait for login screen to appear
  6. Connect Monitor 2
  7. Voilá! You got it!

Couldn’t be easier!

  • Thiago Morello

    And about linux on a virtualbox machine with windows? Have you tryed?